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You only have one body. We'll help you make the most of it.

"Grasshopper" Pilates exercise

You feel good inside your own body. You embrace life with fun and freedom. You feel vitalised to the core and perfectly in balance with yourself. At the end of a tiring day, you still have some energy to spare. Not you?

Have you tried Pilates?

All of that can be taught. Pilates is all about practising the right way to move and breathe. It combines mind and body, and teaches you how to breathe correctly. 

The Reformer Club is a dedicated Pilates studio in Weybridge specialising in Pilates sessions for individuals and small groups.


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Pilates is a different experience for everyone. Your Pilates exercises will be as personal to you as is your unique body type, your goals, and your injuries.

Your Pilates instructor will work with you to define your needs and maximise your Pilates experience from your very first session.

Call us today on 07595 021120/01932 953035 for more information about our Pilates classes in Surrey or use our online contact form.