Our Pilates sessions are run by some of the most experienced and highly qualified Pilates instructors in Surrey. We offer private tuition as well as group sessions for up to three people.

Looking for a Pilates class in Surrey?

Book your first session with us! We can offer you completely private training areas for your Pilates class, enabling you to focus on your movements and nothing else. Our studio is fully equipped with the latest Balanced Body Pilates machines and accessories

The benefits of Pilates include:

- Co-ordination

- Strength

- Mobility

- Posture

- Self-awareness

- Integration of mind, body and spirit

- Increased sense of well-being

We can help with spinal injuries, all pathologies, post and pre surgery, post and Pre natal, osteoporosis, sports injuries. All exercises focus on balancing equally the strength and flexibility to give you the edge in your particular sport..

Is Pilates just for women?

No way! In fact, Pilates was invented by a man, Joseph Pilates, to combat his own back problems.

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