Testimonials from our satisfied clients

"Having done regular Pilates classes using mats, I was intrigued to try Reformer. Kim has been amazing to work with, helping me improve my posture, core strength and overall flexibility. She even helped me get through training for the London Marathon during which I incurred a hamstring strain. Rehabilitation was rapid with Kim’s help. I am addicted to my weekly session and value Kim’s knowledge and experience tailoring each exercise to my needs. I feel more agile and better equipped to do other forms of exercise and, after years of a stiff back and tight hamstrings, I can finally touch my toes!"

Clare Horner

"Sally returned to the clinic today looking very buoyant and saying that life in general had got back to normal and she is very sensibly working with a Pilates instructor on her core strength and postural awareness.
On clinical examination I couldn’t really fault her range or control of low back movements and her balance and straight leg raise are returned to normal.
Sally understands that the major surgery she’s had was to salvage an otherwise impossible situation and while she might at best still have some post exertional backache, I think she understands that most of the further improvement that is possible will just be a matter of time and her application to good quality muscle tone and self awareness.
When things are this good, this early, it is extremely unlikely there will be further problems."

David Harrison, Consultant Spinal Orthopaedic Surgeon, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital